misery loves company

It's not the time
It's not the place
I'm just another pretty face
So don't come any closer
You're not the first
You're not the last
How many more?
Don't even ask
You're one more dead composer

I'm not for you
You're not for me
I'll kill you first
You wait and see
You devil undercover
You're not a prince
You're not a friend
You're just a child
And in the end
You're one more selfish lover

You're so easy to read
But the book is boring me

Pray for me you fucker
If you fucking dare

n plse


20.jun.2010 kl.13:26

"Cause Misery loves company and company loves moore osv osv" :D

Dett er mer ena v mine favoritter nr det gjelder ulykkelig kjrlighetsangene hennes.

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